Time to protect the little pig and fight against the evil wolves!


You are playing the role as Daddy Pig to protect your baby pigs. The higher the level is, the more difficult the barriers will become. Hold back those evil wolves! The weapons are the arrows in your hand and wisdom in your mind.

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  1. Start a new game.
  2. Read the tips before playing.
  1. The number of arrows remaining in hand.
  2. Wolf tails: Once the pig kills a wolf, he will win a chance to get a wolf tail to exchange props, like banana skins, wolf traps, etc.
  3. Mushroom: Daddy Pig can move up and down among the three big mushrooms.
  4. Game Menu.
  5. Aims at the wolf or balloon to shoot.
  1. The bird flying around acts as a barrier to block your shooting. You will meet more and more difficult barriers as the level increases.
  2. The little pig on the lowest mushroom is killed by wolves.
  3. Props: Props including banana skins, wolf trap, Green Giant, Spider-Man and Batman can be used to keep back or kill the wolves.