The Battle of Wits

Pigs VS Wolves

A group of ravening wolves are approaching, get ready to defend yourself! You need to start the game by generating gold coins. Use the gold coins to buy more gold coin generators, exchange characters or defensive props. Everything is flexible. You will never feel bored since different defensive strategies bring about different effects. Take up your arms and fight!

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  1. The bright character means you can select and use it.
  2. The character that you have selected will appear obscure and unusable.
  3. Unknown character. It will be available when you reach the level.
  4. Character you have selected will appear in the bottom cell, including gold coin generator, pigs and props.
  5. The amount of vacant cells stands for the remaining amount of character you can select and use.
  1. All the characters that you control.
  2. The default amount of gold coins assigned to the certain level.
  3. The wolves which attack pigs.
  4. When all vacant cells are occupied, the red button will turn blue. Click it to start the game.
  1. The amount of gold coins you have generated.
  2. The battle field for pigs and wolves.
  3. The characters available for defending and attacking wolves.
  4. Eraser can be used to remove the character that has been placed to the cell. Not the wolf.
  5. Menu.