SuperTank the real 3D game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Super Tank

The commander of the Alliance Forces order you to go to the "Crazy Island" to kill all the crazy tanks there... there is no terror no pity...the war is starting... don't hesitate to call me when you need helps, our copter is on the way.

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  1. Choose the previous tank .
  2. Choose the next tank .
  3. OK and start the game .
  1. The tank's gas pedal.
  2. N2o Gas: When the accelerating fuel is full, click on N2o button and the tank will run fast for 5 seconds.
  3. Fire, click and fire.
  4. Call the copter when you need helps.
  5. System menu .
  1. My gold coin: means money and you need to pay with it when your tank need repair and you will be charged 30 gold coins to regenerate when your tank is exploded.
  2. My tank's health status.
  3. N2o accelerating fuel status.
  4. The health of enemies at present.
  1. How many enemies you killed ( if you exploded the number will reduc , and you money will decrease 30 ).
  2. The copters you have got.
  3. The fast bullet. ( if you have fast bullets you did not need to tap the Fire trigger again and again, just hold it on )